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Wizard Insure is an authorised financial planner registered with the Financial Services Board. Wizard Insure originated 10 years ago, and have just gone through the process of re-branding ourselves in an effort to take us to the next level in providing our clients with the exceptional service that they have become used to.

We have strategically partnered ourselves with leading Blue-chip Insurance Companies and Administrators and are able to offer our client’s unbeatable rates, and more importantly peace of mind. Wizard Insure offers complete one-stop insurance solutions covering the entire spectrum of risk cover from business & commercial insurance to household and personal insurance. We put together specialized and personalized packaged to suit every individuals needs.

5% of Wizard Insure’s net earnings are donated to humanitarian organisations like Gift of the Givers , old age homes and orphanages. We believe what you give is what you get back. Wizard insure has been built on the foundation of honesty, integrity, and most importantly transparency which our clients can vouch for.

Our icon, the ‘W’ with the circle around it, is actually a stylised compass pointing you in the right direction for your insurance needs. It supports our tag line, which is ‘smart financial guidance’. The colours are also positive, energetic and current. Our identity allows us to create the right impression in a crowded insurance market where people are looking to make the right choice.