Long-term Insurance

Long Term Insurance


With our personal risk benefit offerings, we always put our clients, their families & their future first.

Let us help you secure your living dreams while simultaneously catering for your retirements provisions. We can help you with long term retirement annuity savings and explain tax benefits.

Our financial planning expertise allows us to do a full financial risk analysis on your current financial status, assets and liabilities and to create a comprehensive financial plan, this helps eliminate “guessing” figures when it come s to clients executor fees and estate duty calculations.

We filter in inflation calculations to create a realistic financial plan, keeping it simple so that you understand what we are proposing. This ensures that your spouse and family are financially secure in the event of your unfortunate death.

Some of our services include the following – Disability Cover, Dread Disease & Disability Cover, Life Cover, Shariah Compliant Investments, Retirement Annuities , Education Saving & Income Protector